THREE essentials for Point of Sale software buyers

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THREE essentials for Point Of Sale software buyers: Today’s leading POS (Point Of Sale) software buyers need to be knowlegeable about the options open to them. The POS systems are the life blood of any retailer and online business. However, with technology and collaborative systems streamlining the industry, just having a POS that acts as an online cash register, isn’t enough. Companies are realizing that a more homogenized approach is required when it comes to running a successful retail operation that can scale.

Whether your business is reliant on Shopify, Square or Revel, you need to address the major challenges your business is facing so that it becomes a more well-oiled machine. Here are three essential questions every retailer should ask themselves when examining their business procedures.

Point of Sale software buyers fulfilling  customer expectations

Customers today are remarkably savvy when it comes to good customer service. They want next day delivery, an easy returns policy, and smooth transaction platform, good after-service information and more. With the advent on online retail, comes a plethora of services that every customer wants. If they can’t get it from you – even if you are a reliable supplier, they will go elsewhere. Competition is stiff. Your approach as a business needs to be holistic. Every part of your business needs to be optimized. From warehouse management to inventory processing, invoicing and managing your CRM. Each cog in the wheel needs to be working towards delivering an excellent service to your customer. Because if you don’t please your customers and keep up with the latest services, you will lose them – and by default, your business.

How long will your current Point of Sale software system last?

This is an essential question. If your retail management software and your POS is the Windows 7 equivalent, you will soon find yourself with an unworkable platform. No available updates equals no upgrading of your services. No upgrading of your services means you will fall behind your competitors. That’s why it’s essential to implement a system that if constantly being upgraded, and that is being used worldwide by corporations both large and small. NetSuite is the world’s leading ERP system. It provides CRM and POS features to ensure your business never falls behind the curve. Not only that, but NetSuite can also be integrated with leading POS software platforms. This ensure you can make use of its services without completely changing the way you conduct your business.

Are you utilizing all sales channels?

With any retail business, there needs to be a smooth, multi-channel approach to operations. This sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many businesses spend millions on optimizing their online stores, only to neglect the back-office operations. A slow back office will, inevitably reflect on the efficiency of the online store. A has to talk to B has to talk to C in a logical and productive style. If A is trying to talk to X,Y and Z because they are behind the times, the resulting business practices will damage your workflow. NetSuite provides a seamless and contemporary back-office solution to businesses attempting to move forward and scale operations. NetSuite assists by increasing sales and order management, to managing supply and demand more efficiently. It’s a unique platform from which you can increase your productivity levels without the expense of new staff or expensive equipment.

RXD Systems NetSuite experts

We are the leading provider of NetSuite implementations and integrations in the Los Angeles area. We have a large portfolio of multi-national clients and corporations. Our experience in retail means your business ERP transition will always be in safe hands. Our expert NetSuite consultants are also fully certified by us. As a result, we can verify and vouch for the quality of their work and expertise. For  more information on NetSuite implementation, NetSuite support and NetSuite certification, contact us today.

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