RXD: A Leading NetSuite Retail Consultant

As a Netsuite Retail Consultant, we get retail. We’ve integrated stores to websites down to 3PLs and back again. We’ve worked with factories in Shenzhen, shippers, freight forwarders, customs and carriers. We know the difference between drayage and haulage, between a steamship and a container. We know how to actualize landed cost accurately. Pricing and promotions, sizes and colors, allocation and replenishment, over and short … we know what works and how your business SHOULD operate.

Retail + NetSuite = Bliss

You’re no doubt on the RXD website because you are working with Oracle NetSuite, or considering implementing it soon. You may have questions, you are probably intimidated by a big change, and you need a NetSuite partner who knows retail.

Take heart, aspiring retailer. The challenge of perpetual inventory (“how much of item X do I have, what locations is it in and what is it worth”) is common to all retailers. Even the big guys see Stock on Hand reports showing negative inventory.

Not only are we retail and NetSuite experts, but we have a heart, too. We’ll be a joy to work with and root for you as your business and sales grow.

Consider this: every single billion-dollar-plus retailer has a photo in their headquarters proudly showing the very first store they opened.


Sizes, colors, SKUS, Stores, 4-4-5 and BOGO - Retail is Detail

We know the retail process from planning through to merchandising, warehousing through to distribution, store operations through to loss prevention. Hardlines to softlines, grocery to fashion and everything in between. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We know how the retail business works, what its pain-points are and how small, fast growing retailers struggle to move from a store-focus to a central, HQ focus. Let’s talk.

What does RXD do for Retailers who use NetSuite?

First, we can help implement NetSuite, get the most out of all its modules and applications for you as a retailer. Then, we can train your team or offer ongoing consulting to help you continue to thrive.

Whether you are working with any of NetSuite’s modules, we can help. We are experienced…

  • NetSuite Shipstation consultants
  • NetSuite Farapp consultants
  • NetSuite WMS consultants
  • NetSuite Boomi consultants
  • NetSuite EDI consultants

While you certainly have your choice of NetSuite retail consultants, we at RXD invite you to start a conversation with us with no obligation at all. We can quickly help you learn if working with us will be a benefit to your retail company. We have an international presence and can also help you remotely. Call 833-2RXD-NOW (833-279-3669) or click here to get the conversation going.


We’ve been around the block.  We’ve helped our clients to innovate, to grow and to excel.  Sometimes, we’ve helped them to deal with crisis.  We know this industry and the challenges it faces.  That’s what differentiates us.



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SuiteSuccess Order Management for Retail

SuiteCommerce InStore

NetSuite Ecommerce Product Demo


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Let's get the conversation going

We would love to hear from you.  Call us, email us or just come and visit us at one of our global offices.  If you just want to bounce ideas off us, or ask us our advice, that’s fine.   We are happy to share.

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