We’ve worked as a NetSuite manufacturing consultant for some of the most upmarket fashion brands in the world, with stores and branding that are nothing less than exquisite. We understand how demand planning should work (Rule No. 1: It should be driven based on forecasted demand. Don’t make product you don’t think you will sell). We know how to drive that demand for items down to raw material requirements and how to manage the assembly of those items.

We know what happens when demand planning goes wrong. Warehouses full of cloth and accessories that will never be used. Components returned to the manufacturer for cents on the dollar. And we know WHY it goes wrong (refer to Rule No. 1).

At a certain point, Excel and Quickbooks just can’t cut it any more. The old adage that “you can do anything in Excel (if you have enough time)” is only true until you need more than 24 hours in a day.


The manfacturing value chain is simple in theory. Plan, Source, Make and Deliver. First, plan demand (typically based on historical sales) and then purchase raw materials to the plan level. Then use the raw materials to manufacture product and deliver it to the end customer.

The difficulty comes in coordinating the information flow and workflow across departments and systems. Data is often inconsistent and is spread across multiple systems from Quickbooks to Zoho. If you don’t have single integrated system, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of “manual integrations” , alternatively known as “Microsoft Excel”.

You need a better way of doing things. You need a single integrated platform from sales to finance to factory floor to delivery truck.

You’re here on the RXD website because you are working with Oracle NetSuite, or considering implementing it soon. You may have questions, you are probably intimidated by a big change, and you need a NetSuite partner who knows manufacturing.

Let’s talk.

What does RXD do for Manufacturers who use NetSuite?

First, we help manufacturers implement NetSuite. We know how to help get the most out of NetSuite’s wide variety of modules and. Then, we can do training with your team or continue consulting in an ongoing manner to help you use NetSuite your needs change and grow.

Whether you are a manufacturer working with any of NetSuite’s modules, we can help. We can you help you as…

  • NetSuite Shipstation consultants
  • NetSuite Farapp consultants
  • NetSuite WMS consultants
  • NetSuite Boomi consultants
  • NetSuite EDI consultants

While there may be more than one NetSuite manufacturing consultant, we at RXD would love to have a complementary, discovery conversation with you. We can quickly share if we believe we can be benefit to you as a manufacturing business. We have an international presence and can also help you remotely. Call 833-2RXD-NOW (833-279-3669) or click here to get the conversation going.



NetSuite for Manufacturing

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