NetSuite for Manufacturing must be implemented correctly. We’ve worked for some of the most interesting and advanced manufacturers in the world – apparel, food, electronics, machinery and furnishings.  We get the difference between custom manufacturing and line manufacturing. And know how manufacturing planning should work (Rule Number One: It should be driven based on forecasted demand. Don’t make product you don’t think you will sell).  We know how to drive that demand for items down to raw material requirements and how to manage the assembly of those items, from MRP to Work Order to Completion.

We know that master data (items, BOMS, revisions, routings) is critical. If your master data doesn’t represent your products and facility, you might just as well stick with Excel.

We know what happens when manufacturing is not done right.  Warehouses full of raw materials that will never be used. Unwanted finished product piling up on the shelves. Unfilled orders for product that couldn’t be built.  Components returned to the manufacturer for cents on the dollar. And we know WHY it goes wrong (refer to Rule Number One).

At a certain point, Excel and Quickbooks just can’t cut it any more.  The old adage that “you can do anything in Excel (if you have enough time)” is only true until you need more than 24 hours in a day.


Implementing NetSuite For Manufacturing isn’t for novice consultants. It takes an understanding of what happens in a factory and how the manufacturing works, from planning to put away. It usually requires several on-site visits to get it working (TRANSLATION: An offshore consultant 12 timezones away isn’t going to cut it).

You may be considering implementing Manufacturing and you have a lot of questions that you just can’t seem to get answers to. What about BOMS?  Should you use versioning?  Should you use WIP? How many steps should you have in your routings? Should you even have routings? What about label printing? And Lot numbering – how does that work? And Work Orders vs Assembly Builds – what’s best for YOU?

And what’s the deal with that tablet? Come to think of it, why hasn’t anyone even been able to SHOW you that tablet?

Or you may have already implemented, but its just not working right – you’re doing too many things in Excel and the system just doesn’t do what you need it to – its almost like you moved sideways rather than forwards.

The good news is – we can help.

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