NetSuite experiences record growth under Oracle

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NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud-based ERP, has experienced record, global growth since its acquisition by Oracle. Nicky Tozer, Oracle NetSuite’s EMEA Vice President, is the driving force for sales strategy and operations. She is also responsible for developing NetSuite  Oracle SuiteSuccess across the entire EMEA region.

According to Tozer, the partner base of NetSuite Oracle SuiteSuccess and SuiteLife, has increased by at least thirty per cent over the past twelve months. This extraordinary expansion has, she says, been down to NetSuite customers and their demand for the service.

Furthermore, the growth has taken place despite global downturns and uncertainties. Other industries have suffered badly, but, Tozer explains, because NetSuite helps companies operate more efficiently, the harder the market, the greater the demand for good ERP services.

Global uncertainty not effected NetSuite

She says: “Even though we might perceive this to be a time when people are backing off it is always completely opposite so we’re still growing faster now than we were pre-acquisition.’

Meanwhile, global uncertainty has helped further establish NetSuite. “In these uncertain times, what we’re actually seeing is customers asking for help on how to make themselves ready for whatever the outcome might be.

She adds; “In some ways the more uncertainty there is, whether you are in EMEA or elsewhere in the world, it will make people want to have more visibility over their business and to be more agile so that when whatever it does happen, they can adapt to it faster than they would typically.”

But the growth of NetSuite has also been connected to regional growth, which means more partners are being forged in the EMEA. The strategy for increasing NetSuite partnerships is carefully managed, so that each team has a healthy area to work with.

Tozer explains; “When we look at the whole landscape in whatever country or region we might be looking at we want to make sure that the ecosystem is balanced across partners and our direct teams to show that there are not too many people in the market trying to talk about NetSuite.”

NetSuite SuiteLife

The launch of NetSuite’s SuiteLife across the EMEA is currently the largest partner investment program NetSuite has made.  SuiteLife is based on NetSuite’s SuitSuccess IBMS (industry business management solution). SuiteSuccess provides certified training courses, tools and resources. This is so that NetSuite partners can hone their expertise in certain industries and business practices. EVP and founder of SuiteSuccess, Evan Goldberg explained; “Partners play an incredibly important role. This is especially true as we move into more narrow verticals because we’re not going to do them all and they bring in some tremendous expertise in particular verticals.”

He said collaborating with them to ensure they make the most of the NetSuite SuiteSuccess approach with customers, was paramount.

“We are communicating with them well and assisting them so that they learn. We make sure they understand all aspects and features in the pipeline, and how they can apply them to their customers and their vertical.

NetSuite Oracle SuiteSuccess

He referred to the SuiteSuccess strategy as ‘blended’. “Being in sync and emulating some of the things that we’re doing when we go direct. That can make partners become more successful,” he said, adding; “Partners play an incredibly important role, especially as we move into more narrow verticals. This is because because we’re not going to do them all and they bring in some tremendous expertise in verticals. Working with them to figure out how they can do a SuiteSuccess-like approach with their customers in a vertical that they’re in is going to be incredibly important.”

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