NetSuite increases flexible working hours potential

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NetSuite increases flexible working hours potential: In the battle to create for better working conditions for employees, NetSuite is scoring highly, according to latest reports.

The cloud-based ERP system, which is a world leading platform, streamlines businesses so well, that employees can enjoy flexible working hours and a better company culture, say small business owners.

The flexible working life is becoming more acceptable in the current business climate, due to necessity as much as desirability. Due to increasing numbers of businesses working with overseas clients, work patterns have changed significantly – and as a result, greater flexibility for employees is often essential.

One such business, Global Surf Industries, has spoken out in praise of the NetSuite model, and demonstrates how the ERP has enabled them to create a happier company environment for their staff.

The company, which was launched in 2004, is now a healthy and growing business with a $15 million annual turnover. Mark Kelly, CEO of Global Surf Industries explains; “Our employees are encouraged to make the mosts of our flexible working hours policy,” he says. “The amount of time people spend commuting is unnecessary. Working from home is also irrelevant to our customers because of the service levels we provide.”

Kelly is progressive in his management style. This has been made possible by the switch to NetSuite and automated cloud systems the platform provides. “We have the biggest ‘small company’ mindset. This allows you to see what the business actually needs – and often, that’s not lots of people. It just needs better processes with automation, where we have scripts running through NetSuite.”

Kelly said Global Surf Industries had been able to eliminate data entry and that the company was managing numerous tasks via NetSuite with a team is just 17 employees who have operations in 74 countries and work according to flexible hours.

Kelly, it seems has the right approach to employee management. Studies prove that flexible working hours enable workers to be considerably more productive. The benefits of flexible working hours for companies include:

Less business overheads

Less expenses incurred by the company employer via flexible working hours. Furthermore, less rented office space, and the financial footprint that creates, means a massive business saving. NetSuite allows employees to log in no matter where they are globally. So you can see how companies can scale internationally with little outlay.

A bigger talent pool for recruitment

By offering flexible working hours, businesses can also draw on experienced talent from a wider platform of potential employees. These include mothers, baby boomers and millennials. Furthermore,  hiring better qualified staff has dramatic results. Employees with high experience levels provide better creative decision making and high returns on business staffing investments.

Provides competition advantage

Studies also show that over 90% of people would prefer to work in a flexible role that provides them with a better work-life balance. Strong candidates are more likely to choose roles that offer offered flexible working hours.

Better staff retention & appreciation

More consideration towards working hours and flexibility is essential. It means employees would rather stay in their position than seek other employment when life situations change. There is also a greater sense of appreciation of their working life when it is balanced with flexibility.

Productivity increases

Study after study proves that employees who are happy work harder and have higher productivity than workers. The old perception that workers who spend more time in the office get more work done, is dying. In fact, a survey by BT Group showed that when employees had flexible hours, their productivity increased by 30% – and their sick days reduced by 20%.

NetSuite increases flexible working hours

NetSuite increases flexible working hours potential because it enables employees to access and manage business processes while out of the office. Being able to log into the ERP 24 hours a day, globally, ensures true freedom and a great work/life balance. Companies offering employees with this incredible benefit, can also pick and employ the very best team members in their industries. Both these factors result in epic growth and scaling, for businesses managed by NetSuite.

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