Implementing a new business management system is a big decision.  Get it right, and you’ll have a platform that will scale and grow as far and as fast as you need it to.  Get it wrong, and you may end up in a worse place than you were before.  As experts in NetSuite Implementation, we’ve seen it all.  When it goes wrong, it’s not pretty.

Your business is growing and it’s getting increasingly complicated – if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have bought NetSuite.

This project is going to be about a LOT more than just putting in NetSuite. There’s integration to think about. And business process redesign. And there are external trading partners, vendors, suppliers and customers – they’ll be affected. People will need to be retrained. Finance, Operations, Order Management and Customer Service are all going to need advice and support. Issues and problems will pop up every day – who’s going to manage all of those and make sure they get resolved?

You’re going to need a partner who can actually MANAGE a large complicated project, not just a collection of NetSuite nerds who’ll spin their wheels while your budget goes up in smoke.

We’re just telling it to you straight – we’re the NetSuite Alliance Partner that can successfully deliver your large complicated business change project centered around NetSuite – because that’s really what this project is.

Let’s talk.


We use NetSuite SuiteSuccess – a rapid implementation approach that deploys a version of NetSuite ready configured with best-practice settings, dashboards and reports for YOUR industry. We can bring your business live on NetSuite in 100 days.

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This is not our first rodeo. RXD Systems Consultants come from an industry and consulting background, and we’ve learned a few things along the way.  Here are three things that we do that help us be successful as consultants. Hold us to them.


We’re professionals. We build a project plan (Gant Chart) and we manage to it.  We create an issue log and make sure everyone has access to it.  We schedule regular project status meetings, chase up on issues and escalate them when they aren’t resolved.  We make sure work get’s assigned and done.  We track to a budget, so there are no surprises.

We manage all the stakeholders involved in the project – Oracle, software vendors, contractors, trading partners (and anyone else you need us to).


Let’s start here:  “YOU are the expert in your business”.

Sure, we know how NetSuite implementation works, and we know industry best practice, but we don’t know how YOUR business works and why you do things in the way that you do them.

We’ve learned that consulting is a PEOPLE business first and foremost.

So first, we listen.


We know industry best practice -we know how businesses are meant to do things.

Sometimes, we find that our clients don’t follow best practice (shocking, we know!).  Maybe there’s a good reason.  Maybe its because you needed something done in a hurry, and years later it’s still done that way.

Maybe there’s a better way of doing things.  Let’s find out.

Let's get the conversation going

We would love to hear from you.  Call us, email us or just come and visit us at one of our global offices.  If you just want to bounce ideas off us, or ask us our advice, that’s fine.   We are happy to share.

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