Oracle NetSuite SuiteSucess, improves planning and facilitation across all industries

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RXD Los Angeles: Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess has a new planning and budgeting cloud service. And it’s having a dramatically positive effect on industries using it, reports suggest.

SuiteSuccess was first launched in April 2019 at SuiteWorld in Las Vegas. Since then, the NetSuite feature which provides instant visibility for performance of budgeting, has markedly improved business functionality within just 30 days of implementation.

SuiteSuccess is essentially, an industry solution to planning and budgeting. It can be applied to businesses of all sizes and provides companies with a world class system through which, real-time planning can be achieved.

Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess Planning and Budgeting

Succinctly referred to as PBCS, the SuiteSuccess Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services play an essential role because it streamlines business practices.  The features also integrate these features into the NetSuite platform. The PBSC provides support for all market segments. It also offers starter editions. Furthermore, larger organizations and corporations can make use of the extended capabilities, which allow for scalable solutions via reports and workflows.

Another essential feature is the user-friendly aspect. The Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess PBCS has an easy-to-follow, intuitive dashboard. It enables customers to access data quickly and easily. The fact that even new users can find their way around the system, helps increase the success of the feature – and the results.

SVP of Product Management for Oracle Netsuite, Gary Wiessinger, also believes such a feature will become an essential and integral part of NetSuite, because it provides users with such a valuable business service. He explains: “The pace of business today means that planning can no longer be solely based on historical data or generic, one-size-fits-all templates.

However, he added that providing this service helps businesses and organizations meet higher standards, when it comes to decision making, planning and budget control. But best practices, he concluded, were also a big consideration. “Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services are integrated within NetSuite. Leading practices and models are purpose built for individual industries. This combination clearly sets it apart from competitive solutions and enables our customers to achieve faster time to value.”

Business features

There are a number of areas in which PBCS helps businesses to accelerate their successes. These are:

Collaboration:  Tools draw together data from different sources. This creates a more dynamic and accurate workflow.

Planning: Users create planning models for specific areas of business, using real-time data and analytics

Navigating: Users can create workflows minutely tailored to specific departments and their requirements. This provides realistic expectations and goals based on each group’s resources and needs.

Forecasting: Forecasting is incredibly important when scaling a business. This feature also enables users to create reports based on several different scenarios, thus empowering the decision-making process.

RXD Systems Los Angeles

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