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NETSUITE CONSULTANTS LOS ANGELES MAY 31st 2019: NetSuite supported brand to expands globally. Building a company that grows successfully is a long process. It takes dedication and hard work for any small business to expand too. But, practices used by small businesses can hinder those companies from growing and expanding. That’s why we were delighted to hear about Elope Inc. This Las Vegas-based company has experienced rapid growth with the help of NetSuite implementation.

The company, which was started in the early 90’s, was initially run by two brothers, who sold their costume hats from a kiosk at a shopping precinct Colorado. However, Elope has now expanded to become a major costume manufacturer and distributor in the US and Canada.

Kevin Johnson, CEO and original founder of Elope, likened the success of his company growth to a dream come true. He explained that NetSuite had been a valuable contributor to that success, not only through scaling, but through data access too. He said: “Making the world laugh has always been our mission, and with real-time visibility into the operations of our business, we have access to invaluable insights shaping our organization. This means we have more room to make the decisions that will allow us to expand and explore new opportunities.”

He added, “Retail continues to change and running our business on NetSuite has allowed us to bet bigger on our customers.”

NetSuite provides flexibility

Elope Inc has utilized NetSuite to streamline operations and to make the most of real-time data. Furthermore, the NetSuite cloud platform has enabled the company to improve on their customer services. The NetSuite ERP also utilizes one of the world’s best recognized CRMs.  As a result, Elope could keep track of all customers and provide them with a uniquely personalized service. Benefits to this have included excellent communication with customers along with advantages in distribution.

Jason Maynard, of Oracle NetSuite, described the success experienced by Elope, as yet another NetSuite success story. He said; “A core part of every growth story is gaining the visibility and control that help you focus on the things that drive your business forward.

He added; “As it has grown from a mall kiosk to one of the industry’s most prominent costume designers, elope has showed that you don’t have to compromise on your vision as your business expands. With NetSuite, the elope team can continue to focus on what they do best—making everyone laugh with their amazing costumes—without having to worry about how their business is running.”

NetSuite implementation

Furthermore, NetSuite increased Elope Inc’s exposure and management throughout each of its business procedures. As a result, the company has used this flexible platform implementation to automate and streamline all it’s essential processes. The result has been a 40% growth rate annually for the past two years.

Elope Inc founders also believe NetSuite has revolutionized their business, ensuring that every busy season is efficiently and effectively catered to and managed.

RXD NetSuite Consultants Los Angeles

NetSuite is the world’s leading ERP system. This fully flexible cloud-based platform can also be applied to a number of industries and businesses. The benefits of NetSuite include streamlining business processes, creating far better efficiency, providing real time data on outgoings, financial forecasts and invoicing.

We provide NetSuite consultants to companies in the Los Angeles area. Our fully certified expert consultants have a both broad and expert area of experience. One of the biggest services we also provide, is that of support. Many companies have had NetSuite poorly implemented. Our expert trouble shooting can once again have NetSuite performing as it should. We also manage full implementations of the NetSuite platform for businesses in the Los Angeles area.


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