Four reasons why BPOs benefit from NetSuite

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BPOs benefit from NetSuite: Outsourcing is big business these days – and Business Process Outsourcing services are growing as an industry across the board. Managing non-business related processes such as payroll, HR, accounting and customer relations, BPOs enable businesses to focus on the task of growth and scale, while a third party takes care of the nuts and bolts.

While BPOs excel in the management of business processes, the process of outsourcing tasks is no longer the domain of the large corporation. SMEs are one of the biggest sources of business for BPOs. As a result, many BPO services are finding themselves managing a vast array of clients from numerous industries. Therefore, it’s essential that such services can streamline their own processes and apply that efficiency to managing the needs of their clients.

The answer to this situation, is a flexible, reliable and proven ERP. NetSuite is the world’s leading ERP and is fast becoming the platform of choice among BPO providers.

BPOs benefit from NetSuite focus

When BPOs manage multiple clients that operate on multiple systems, the tasks must be streamlined. This avoids too much manpower and resources being channeled into managing the services. Oracle NetSuite automates systems and streamlines those processes, so that they can be carried out with speed and efficiency.

NetSuite is economical

ERP NetSuite offers huge capabilities and numerous solutions to all types of businesses. The SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud-based platform, provides enormous resources and is much more economical than an inhouse management system. As a result, smaller businesses can benefit enormously from the services it provides. Small businesses don’t have huge financial resources. However, they do require a lot of support in terms of HR, financial operations, inventories and more. By utilizing NetSuite in the management of these operations, BPOs can streamline the processes for clients, and run every requirement with efficiency.

NetSuite helps businesses to scale

Not only does NetSuite benefit the client that is being managed by the BPO, it also greatly assists the BPO itself. By improving business functionality, clients can reap the rewards and improve their business practices. NetSuite is a tool that improves functionality. That, in itself, enables companies to grow their operations. When a BPO offers NetSuite as an ERP management solution to its clients, it is also enabling that client to grow. Features such as SuiteFlow, provide BPOs with the capability of creating efficient workflows for clients at no extra cost. These workflows can be updated and customized as the company grows.

NetSuite implementation is cost-effective

NetSuite doesn’t require complicated and drawn out installation. It also doesn’t require additional hardware. Therefore, it’s a fast, and economical option, especially for SMEs. BPOs can manage the scalable requirements of the client in question, because NetSuite is flexible and offers multiple features.

RXD Systems NetSuite experts

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