NetSuite CRM solutions: Today’s business-growth essential

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NetSuite CRM solutions: Customer Relationship Management systems, or CRMs, have been around for a while now. In fact, most companies can’t operate efficiently without them. This is because the internet has become such an ingrained business platform.

A CRM is a tool that manages a set of procedures to assist companies in looking after customer relationships. A software that harnesses online features, CRMs automate, streamline and organize customer service databases. They also manage sales and marketing, customer services and support.

CRMs are not small, inexpensive elements of a company. Many pre-SaaS systems require on site servers that store secure data, and they require regular IT updates and servicing.

That’s why NetSuite CRM solutions have been such a breakthrough for companies in recent years. The cloud-based platform enables businesses to subscribe to a state-of-the-art CRM – and ERP (enterprise resource management system) without large on-site development and investment – and without the implications of tech support.

CRMs give businesses the information they need to improve and maintain good customer relationships. Data collection is essential in helping business decision makers tweak sales strategies and improve product delivery and services. Most essentially, CRMs enable companies to retain customers and understand their needs more effectively.

CRM and NetSuite popularity

The very first customer relationship management systems were developed in the 1980’s. Data collection for the purpose of sales and marketing, became a recognized strategy. Prior to the first digital CRM, which was called ACT!, businesses operated using paper filing and rolodex systems. ACT was essentially the first digitized version of that.

A decade later and the software had advanced significantly – as had the uses for CRMs. Customer relationship management was a business phrase by 1995, and soon, developers like Oracle took up the gauntlet and entered the CRM development race. Initially, the hardware required to manage a successful CRM was heavy duty and onsite. But soon the SaaS systems that were software and application based, grew in popularity.

By 2005, CRMs were an integral part of any burgeoning business. And by 2012, the SaaS CRMs were taking over the marketplace. These developed into cloud-based solutions, which provided much more economical opportunities for SMEs – and NetSuite was born.

However, since 2012, the CRM industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. A good CRM has three essential facets.

Customer servicing

Maintaining information on each and every customer acquisition, and ensuring follow-ups, ticket management, and knowledge management are all essential elements of any CRM.

Automated marketing

Poorly managed marketing is vast and unruly. It’s essential that data is properly managed and directed, so that information is used in the best possible way. Insights (especially important now that social media is a marketing tool) SEO, email campaign management and marketing processes.

Sales streamlining

A good CRM, such as NetSuite, streamlines the sales processes. Forecasting, orders, invoicing, quotes and more, can all be managed much more efficiently when automated through one system that collates and analyses all the data.

CRM news

The role of the CRM has become integral to the success of businesses today. While some companies rely of several systems – one type of CRM, another software for ERP, most agree that streamlining these essential systems and using one, fully integrated platform, is the answer to business efficiency.

Furthermore, most business leaders agree that with the huge impact social platforms have had on the marketing process, investing in a leading ERP, such as NetSuite, is invaluable.

NetSuite CRM solutions

RXD Systems specialize in ERP and CRM implementation. All our consultants are fully certified NetSuite experts. They can provide full implementation services and support for businesses currently using NetSuite Oracle.  RXD Systems services businesses in the Los Angeles area. For more information on our services, contact us today.

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