NetSuite Support: GoCardless chooses cloud ERP

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NetSuite Support: GoCardless has selected Oracle NetSuite as the ERP of choice to assist in the company’s global growth.

The direct debit facilitator, which manages online payments on behalf of customers and clients, has increased in popularity. The ecommerce boom has also meant that more  transactions are carried out online. As a result, this has increased the demands for services such as GoCardless, which ensure ease of transaction for customer and vender.

NetSuite support of fintech services

NetSuite has assisted GoCardless – a fintech company, in expanding by 60 per cent over the past 12 months. By turning to NetSuite, the company’s extreme growth has been managed with minimal disruption.

The cloud-based ERP platform also automated the financial processes, which stretched across multiple markets. NetSuite simplified complex services for GoCardless. This includes managing difference currencies, tax regulations and expanding international operations.

GoCardless was  founded in 2012 and has become a global success. The company provides invoicing as well as credit and debit services, which place it as a lead player on the global bank debit network. Part of the success is down to the ease of service for the customer. GoCardless

Currently, the fintech business handles $10 billion in financial services every year. Services include memberships, installment payments, subscriptions, invoice generation and more.

NetSuite helps business growth

The business model, is, say experts, highly scalable. However, the sheer demand for GoCardless services has meant their expansions have required specific systems to ensure operations remain seamless. Now NetSuite is an integral part of the GoCardless success story, providing real time data and updates, automated financial systems, transparency and streamlined, core business processes.

The NetSuite ERP handles the 40,000 GoCardless member’s accounts with automated and organized ease. This has also enabled the company to upscale massively over the past year of operations.

Catherine Birkett, CFO of GoCardless, explained that the switch to NetSuite had taken the company’s financial planning to a whole new level. She said: “Since implementing NetSuite, we have also gone from basic accounting to conducting in-depth financial analysis.”

Furthermore, she pointed out that the business financial reports and forecasting were now much more accurate thanks to NetSuite’s real time data reports. “We can now report financial close faster and more accurately. We can quickly and easily setup new subsidiaries, and efficiently meet our stakeholders’ reporting requirements.

Birkett added: “This is incredibly valuable as we continue to expand into new markets. However, the best part about NetSuite is we now have a solution that will scale with our growth path for years to come.”

Furthermore, NetSuite will continue to work with GoCardless to expand their global operations.

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