NetSuite Consulting Services: Five reasons to invest

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NetSuite Consulting Services: If you’re running a medium to large scale enterprise, or if your SME has the potential to grow rapidly, you’ll know that managing that scale is essential. Companies can’t grow if the procedures they operate by, don’t allow them the flexibility or efficiency to maximize their potential.

Oracle NetSuite is a truly groundbreaking ERP. Oracle is the world’s leading busienss software giant. One of the biggest benefits of a NetSuite implementation is that the cloud-based platform manages all company procedures, automates them and provides data in real time.

As companies grow and develop, they tend to implement systems according to growth ratio and requirement. This means that they may have several systems in place for different procedures. The downside to this is obvious inefficiency. When you are working with three platforms instead of one across the board, there is no homogenized approach to running the business.

So, there’s why your company should consider NetSuite today.

  • Netsuite provides an integrated software solution

Oracle Netsuite streamlines your business integrations because it provides both ERP and CRM business applications. These applications all work together to create an automated and well managed business platform.


  • NetSuite business customizations

NetSuite workflows handle all your business domain requirements, from buying, sales and distribution, to manufacturing. The workflows are created to meet all your requirements, and the system is entirely flexible. The new international NetSuite features also enable businesses to expand into new markets.


  • Economically viable solutions

Even for small to medium sized enterprises, NetSuite has generated impressive results in terms of scale and growth. The growing company requires a system that is integrated and efficient and can provide real time updates on essential information. NetSuite also removes maintenance costs because it’s provided as a cloud-based service. There are no servers to maintain. Furthermore, security is always a top priority.


  • Shared information

With newly launched features, such as The Brainyard, NetSuite users can plug into a vast network of information generated by likewise business users. This valuable resource ensures industry news and management through NetSuite becomes an asset.


  • Real time data

One of the biggest assets NetSuite provides is the data reports available in real time. Business leader scan see exactly how their business is performing, from outgoings and sales, to buying, suppliers and more. Collating annual reports are thing of the past with NetSuite, as it provides all data in real time.


NetSuite Consulting Services from RXD Systems can enhance your business experience. Changing from traditional ERP’s and CRMs, over to this cloud-based platform, has never been easier. More and more companies are choosing NetSuite as their go-to system, particularly in times of expansion.

Now NetSuite also offers features that enable companies to expand into international markets, with elements that manage currency changes, tax regulations and more.

For more information on NetSuite Consulting Services, call us today. We also manage NetSuite support for companies that have implemented NetSuite but require additional support.

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