NetSuite Consultants: Brainyard transforms businesses in Los Angeles

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NETSUITE CONSULTANTS: BRAINYARD TRANSFORMS BUSINESSES Oracle NetSuite is transforming the way businesses grow with NetSuite Brainyard. A brand-new data analysis and benchmarking service, Brainyard brings three distinct assets to companies.

The first asset is research. NetSuite Brainyard enables companies to generate industry reports and surveys containing quantitative and qualitative data. This research is also generated from almost 500 business experts from NetSuite.

The second most significant asset offered by NetSuite Brainyard is benchmarking. NetSuite takes information and insights from it’s 16,000 strong database to provide companies with reliable and real-time data, as well the key performance indicators.

The third benefit offered by NetSuite Brainyard is performance analysis. Businesses can receive expert advice on ways to manage resources, best practices, and those essential KPI analytics.

Brainyard benefits

Essentially, the Brainyard replaces the need for companies to invest heavily in third party analytics. This makes sense from a financial point of view as analytical services are an expensive investment. Furthermore, with so many businesses now having access to this free NetSuite tool, we can expect to see a number of businesses experiencing growth as a result.

Jason Maynard, SVP of Global Field Operations for Oracle NetSuite, describes the move as way to enable companies to benchmark and grow. “We’re providing unparalleled insights into every single critical business process,” he said, when asked to describe this latest venture by Oracle NetSuite.

Maynard adds; “Research companies charge for this kind of resource. But NetSuite Oracle considers this part of our commitment to customer success. We’re not just delivering assets with NetSuite. This is not just about software. This is about helping companies grow.”

NetSuite and company growth

NetSuite is associated with successful growth in business. But this is the first time that a free, fully analytical data and benchmarking service has been made available to business customers. The shared insights and data are a valuable resource for businesses looking to expand their interests within their industries.

NetSuite Brainyard also utilizes insights from SuiteSuccess configurations, thus making use of the massive bank of data NetSuite Oracle has stored over the past few years. As a result, all that information is available and accessible to businesses that need industry analysis.

Furthermore, the entire premise shows that NetSuite really is dedicated to helping businesses grow.

Informed NetSuite Consultants

Brainyard also provides NetSuite consultants with valuable industry knowledge. This helps them to implement the NetSuite platform is the best possible way for each individual company. Furthermore, because consultants know how a company is likely to grow, they are able to better utilize the mechanisms of the NetSuite set-up.

NetSuite Consultants Los Angeles

At RXD systems, we provide a range of services delivered by our expert team of NetSuite consultants. Implementation of the ERP is just one of our specialist services. We also provide support to companies already using NetSuite. Tailored to suit any business or organisation, NetSuite is an entirely flexible ERP. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you employ the most experience consultant available, to manage the implementation of your NetSuite system.

For more information on our services, contact us today on: 833-2RXD NOW  (833-279-3669)

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