Getting NetSuite Certified: 4 essential tips

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Getting NetSuite Certified: Getting your NetSuite certification isn’t a walk in the park. The world-leading ERP, cloud-based system offers a multitude of areas that require training and hard study. There are steps you can take to maximise your success when it comes to getting NetSuite certified though. Read on for our top for tips on becoming a NetSuite Consultant.

Getting NetSuite Certified?

The NetSuite training program was launched in 2013. Today, more than 4,000 people have become NetSuite certified. The courses are becoming increasingly popular. There are now seven, exam-based qualifications you can train for that help individuals to improve their skills and build their careers as NetSuite consultants.

Which NetSuite certification should you choose?

It’s important that you choose the right certification pathway. There are seven NetSuite certifications available. There is Administrator, SuiteFoundation, SuiteCloud, SuiteCommerce and ERP specializations to select from.

The most basic level, SuiteFoundation, provides you with administrator, consultant and developer skills. This level will give you a broad and consultant-ready certification. It’s a good grounding in the platform and will prepare you for specializing in getting further NetSuite certifications as you advance your skills.

Studying NetSuite certifications

Practice makes perfect. You cannot get certified with NetSuite without putting in the study time. NetSuite ERP is a serious platform with lots of variables. Time spent studying the course and working hard, will go a long way towards helping you get certified. NetSuite offers users ample resources to assist in examination preparation. There are also courses you can take that are focused on getting prepared for the certification exams. Don’t forget to investigate the study guides. You can also test yourself using the sample exams, which will prepare you well for the actual examination.

Do your research

Talk to other NetSuite professionals and get their take on the examinations process. You can, additionally, do some research online about tips and study aids that will help get your certified without numerous re-sits. Check out the LinkedIN groups on NetSuite certification and support. These can be a wealth of information, not only on getting initially certified, but also on deciding what you will specialize in once you are a fully fledged NetSuite consultant.

Register for the exam

While you may not feel totally ready to take the test, setting a date and making real that examination commitment, will spur you on to study harder. Ultimately, if you put the time in and do the work, there is no reason why you won’t be prepared for the exam.

You’ll know almost immediately post exam if you passed or failed. And you’ll also gain valuable insight into why you failed, if this has been the case. Don’t be disheartened. Getting NetSuite Certified isn’t easy – and nor should it be. It takes dedication and hard work, as well as lots of practice. Failing your exam isn’t a sign that NetSuite is the wrong move for you. It’s simply an indication that you need to work harder next time, and work more diligently on those areas that were weak.

At RXD Systems, we support you through the training and certification process. We also offer support for all our trainee consultants. And, we guide you when it comes to deciding whether to specialize in certain skills.

As a company, we specialize in NetSuite implementation, NetSuite support for businesses already using NetSuite, and NetSuite training. We provide services for companies in Los Angeles and beyond. For more information on RXD Systems NetSuite certifications and support, contact us today.

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