NetSuite Consultants assist corporation in 220 per cent growth trajectory

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NETSUITE CONSULTANTS LOS ANGELES, USA, MAY 2019: The fuel storage and distributor, Western Global, has experienced a 220% growth in business since implementing the NetSuite ERP. Founded in the 1960’s, Western Global is a family-owned business. It has seen a huge and marked expansion since working with NetSuite consultants. Operational costs, supply chains, finance and expansion are some of the areas managed by NetSuite, since implementation five years ago.

Western Global has expanded internationally into Europe and North America. Furthermore, steady growth has seen revenues pass the £50 million revenue mark. Western Global is a fuelling solution provider. The company has reduced the complexity of its business procedures following advice from NetSuite experts. This has resulted in a streamlining of its operations.

Three ERP systems

The NetSuite consultants had their work cut out for them during the implementation process. Western Global had three ERP systems they were using to assist their operations. This resulted in inefficiencies within the business, preventing optimum growth. All those systems were removed and moved onto the NetSuite platform. This has resulted in a far more efficient approach to data collection, management and procedure.

Western Global CEO, Clem Connor, describes the implementation of NetSuite a ground-breaking move for the company. He said: “Reaching £50 million in revenue was a huge milestone for our company as it demonstrates our ability to seamlessly expand across borders.

“NetSuite has played a big role in our success by enabling us to focus our time and resources on what we do best: providing leading-edge fuelling solutions. Despite the growth of our business following the acquisition, we have been able to avoid adding additional complexity and I credit that mainly to the extensive functionalities within NetSuite.”

NetSuite optimized

Western Global, he added, is now optimized. They able to bypass manual, time-wasting procedures. Instead, Connor says, the company can “achieve a real-time, consolidated view into key business data.”

By implementing NetSuite, the company can concentrate far more on financial forecasts, business development and plans for expansion. This also includes forays into international markets. Just recently, Western Global has even acquired assets in Australia and South Africa.

This is a success story not only for NetSuite Oracle, but also for the NetSuite consultants that implemented the system. To manage that platform change, where a business is already operating with three different ERP systems, is nothing short of challenging.

However, that’s why it’s important to ensure your NetSuite consultant is highly qualified and able to manage the implementation your business requires. Ask your NetSuite consultants for a list of previous projects and experience. Many specialize in certain areas and industries. Therefore, making sure your consultant has experience in your nature of business is essential.

NetSuite consultants Los Angeles

Western Global had a total of three ERP systems implemented at one time. Bad advice on ERP implementation led to these decisions. Furthermore, it held back their ability to expand and growth their company. Once NetSuite consultants worked their magic, expansion and incredible growth was able to take place.

At RXD systems, we only use fully accredited and experienced NetSuite consultants. They are available to businesses in the Los Angeles area. One of our areas of expertise is system support, which companies often require after an implementation of NetSuite hasn’t quite gone to plan. Our experts troubleshoot and manage any issues that emerge with the ERP.

Our experts also specialise in NetSuite implementation for retail solutions.

For more information about our NetSuite consultants available in the Los Angeles area, call us today on 833-2RXD NOW

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