Are you undervaluing your CRM?

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Are you undervaluing your CRM?  CRM (customer relationship management) systems are thought of as one of the most under-utilised resources in business today.  Many businesses will have some structure in place. But you may also want to start rethinking its role and placing it at the heart of the business.

Businesses of all types are discovering the positive influence of a CRM and how it can play a big part in a growth strategy with its reporting, customer experience and productivity tools

Office and cloud solution company Area provided a wealth of new insights.

Justin Bass, projects director at Forefront Group, which is part of the Area group, stated: “We’ve seen a sea change in how we report. Previously however, this was a manual process and often subjective but it is now entirely based on facts being driven by CRM data. He says, “Before, our directors would spend several hours every month updating our finance team about the timings for on-site work delivered. All this data is now available to finance in real-time and this alone has saved in excess of 20 hours each month across our companies.”

CRM Analysis

For a cost management consultancy, BCR Associates, it’s been the case that using CRM to look at its data more closely has worked best.

“We have an incredible amount of payment detail coming in,” IT administer Jenny Bicket said. “I use [our CRM]on a daily basis and this is giving us new insights to forecast sales, analyse renewals, and even predict when contracts will be signed .Our main goal was to help us build and maintain profitable long-term relationships and grow the business. We can see from our data that we are working with more clients. We are also billing higher values and our customer satisfaction levels are higher.”

The ability for business owners to have a real-time based better understanding of performance is a common reason for adoption. Sebastian Stungo is CRM admin at conferencing company In Communication. He explains: “Our coordinator team also need to react quickly when we receive new instructions and inquiries for conferencing events.

“Improving the monitoring of our service level agreements was an immediate priority. Netsuite identified and implemented a series of services that manage these performance indicators as we require.

“The biggest impact of this is that we’re now able to dynamically show real-time performance on a big screen in the office using our CRM data. This flashes up our key metrics to show us what is successful and highlight any areas for attention.”

CRM Communication

Flagging up potential problem areas has also been a big benefit for In Communication. As a result, Drax UK’s CRM system can better handle prospects, quotations and delivering contracts.

Colin Smith is marketing director at fire alarm technology and maintenance company, Drax UK. He says: “Our sales team also have immediate access to all the information they need via their mobile devices.

“For example, wherever our people are I can have a timely commercial discussion with them about an individual opportunity. We can decide on a strategy.

“Our marketing activities were not consistently focused. Furthermore, by aligning our email marketing and social engagements we are discovering new insights about our audience. This is also helping us segment our lists and better personalise our messages.”

CRM NetSuite Support

If your business already has a CRM either inside an ERP or standalone system in place, we can help. Aging technology means your current system is struggling to keep pace with growth efforts. Get in touch with us at RXD. Our consultants can advise you on the best  CRM system to suit your business. We can also configure it to generate optimised customer management.

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