Why Use a NetSuite Consultant?

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Many businesses understand the power of NetSuite Oracle. Many also quickly realize they need support from a NetSuite solutions provider. NetSuite has so many applications and use cases, and it can help in so many ways. Choosing the right NetSuite consulting firm can help businesses lean from the implementation phase how they can get the most out of their custom installation of NetSuite.

We’ve all used software for years, or paired it with other toolsets, only to later realize there was an easier way to integrate. Getting a quote from an experienced NetSuite consultant such as RXD Systems is a great first step.

NetSuite Consulting Options

Introduction and Education – First and foremost, you would be well served to talk to a NetSuite solution provider simply to see what NetSuite can do for your business. For example, RXD has deep industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, and wholesale and distribution. RXD knows how others in your industry use NetSuite – what to do and what to avoid. You chose NetSuite because you know of some of its benefits. But, you need to make sure you know how to use NetSuite to its fullest.

Implementation – You may only need help on boarding the software. Once set up, you may be off and running.

Training – A NetSuite technical consultant like RXD can train your I.T. individuals or full team, on-site or off-site. Once they learn the intricacies of NetSuite, again, your company may be all set.

Ongoing Consulting – A third use case of an Oracle NetSuite Consultant is an ongoing relationship. Your company changes over time, and you may want to adjust how you use NetSuite. Or, you may realize that some of NetSuite’s other applications are of use to another part of your business, i.e. sales and operations. Tying those together might eliminate data entry and tons of communication between departments. Lastly, you may have new staff that needs ongoing NetSuite training.

Second Opinion and Analysis – Maybe you’ve been using NetSuite for a long time, and have worked with a NetSuite consultant before. We recommend a yearly review of how you are using NetSuite. NetSuite has constant updates and new features, and you want a NetSuite partner who knows the ins and outs of the latest changes. There may be a wonderful solution today that didn’t exist when you first implemented NetSuite. RXD can give a second set of eyes to your set-up and make sure you are getting all the benefits of NetSuite.

While you certainly have your choice of NetSuite consulting firms, we at RXD invite you to start a conversation with us with no obligation at all. We can quickly help you learn if working with us will be a benefit to your company. We have an international presence and can also help you remotely. Call 833-2RXD-NOW (833-279-3669) or click here to get the conversation going.

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