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If project management has been a challenge for you, the problem could be one of many things. You might have the wrong people, the wrong systems, the wrong clients. All of those are fixable, but build on relationships. However, one problem that is easily solved is technology. Oracle’s NetSuite is a widely used project management software that we at RXD specialize in implementing. We’d love to be your project management consultant.

As you’ll see on some of NetSuite’s own materials, key benefits to using NetSuite for project management include improved oversight or operations, tighter accounting and a breakdown of cost of service and profitability. The software will, with one click, provide a window into your business and shed light on any inefficiencies, roadblocks or opportunities to improve your operations.

Netsuite’s project management software will also track projects as they go, analyze employee workload and more. You can automatically and quickly create jobs, tasks and you’ll get an awesome, useful project dashboard. All of this is even available using mobile apps for teams on the go.

That said, part of the reason you’ve waited to implement new software like NetSuite Project Management is because it can indeed do so much that it might be intimidating. That’s why hiring RXD as your NetSuite project management consultants can be a great move. We can get you and your team rolling, train your IT or project managers to take it from there. We don’t want to over-engage with you. We are simply here to help.

If you’re looking for a top-quality, budget-friendly NetSuite project management consultant, consider RXD Systems. RXD, based in Los Angeles, London, and Dubai, is a wise choice as  a NetSuite project management consultant. Visit https://www.rxd.systems/ to learn more about RXD. We’d love to help you implement project management using NetSuite.

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