Taxes Can Be a Breeze with NetSuite

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If you own an e-Commerce website, you know how complicated today’s tax laws can be. Do you charge tax at all? Do you charge by billing address? Shipping address?

Then, how do taxes and shipping relate? Do you tax the shipping cost? What if you offer free shipping?

What a mess!

That’s where NetSuite comes to your rescue. NetSuite is smart, and it offers a great tool in Avalara. There’s a good chance Avalara works with your applications with a few clicks. Some examples are Magento, Shopify Plus, Stripe and Quickbooks among many more. We at RXD can also help you implement it with NetSuite, and make sure everything works together seamlessly.

Avalara is smart, and it knows compliance. It will automatically adjust when U.S. state or country laws change. It’s being used today by big names such as Zillow, Pinterest, Thule, Converse and Roku. But, Avalara also helps small businesses – its services and pricing is scalable.

With the Christmas shopping season in high gear, it’s not the ideal time to change any variables in your e-Commerce systems. But, we highly recommend starting 2022 off right, and if you’re going to waste time converting and figuring you’re your tax issues come April, then Avalara should be your New Year’s Resolution. If you call RXD today, we can be sure to get you rolling on time.

At RXD, we won’t try to oversell you. If you only need end-of-year tax help, we’ll come in, do the job, and let you take it from there. If you have an internal IT team, we can help train them on any NetSuite product. We can train you at any level, and from anywhere with today’s online technology. We can train individuals or teams. NetSuite is our specialty, and Avalara is our highly recommended tax life-saver.

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