What Is a NetSuite Partner?

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If you’ve started using NetSuite, you soon will find out it can do a lot more than you planned on. There are many applications, modules and ways to use NetSuite to a fuller extent. Sure, you can take time and research online to find out all about how to use NetSuite for your company, but a huge shortcut and time saver is to use a NetSuite Consultant, aka NetSuite Partner.

Oracle NetSuite has its own official Alliance Partner Program of which RXD Systems is a proud part of. There are NetSuite Global Systems Integrators and NetSuite Regional Systems Integrators, but don’t be confused. That’s just a matter of reach. Some business prefer working locally with a consulting company, while others may opt for online consulting and training. Either way, it’s important to know that at the end of the day if you choose RXD Systems, you’ll be working one-on-one with an expert consultant who cares about you. Our hope is that your company gets the most out of NetSuite. We know that if we help you with set-up, implementation or training, you’ll be likely to call on us again when your NetSuite footprint increases, staff turns over, or you have a change use-case for your business.

NetSuite understands it can’t support all its users directly. For that reason, it claims right on its website that “NetSuite prides itself on building and maintaining strong partnerships. They are the key to our success.” Of course there are developers, accountants and other ancillary “partners,” but on the technical side, the Alliance Partner Program is what you need to look for.

NetSuite vets its partners. It requires they meet regional minimum requirements as well as provide a combination of the following services in areas of ERP, EPM, PSA, HCM, CRM and omnichannel commerce:

  • Effective agile implementation services leading to rapid return on value for our joint customers.
  • Repeatable solutions for SMB and enterprise organizations.
  • Regulatory compliance, tax and audit advice.
  • Business and finance system selection and guidance.

There is an official Certification process, and no one can just claim to be a partner. According to NetSuite, “Successful partners have a dedicated practice made up of team members with solid financial and accounting systems experience. They may also have experience with CRM, HCM or omnichannel commerce.”

RXD also agrees with NetSuite’s recommendation of priority industries. “By focusing on specific core industries, repeatable solutions and a focused go-to-market strategy, successful partners bring best in class methodologies and practices to their customer engagements.” For this reason, RXD has extensive experience and focus within the retail, wholesale and distribution, and manufacturing industries. Of course, we are not limited to these, but if you fall into any of these categories, it puts RXD at the top of the list for NetSuite Alliance Partners you should consider.

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