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There are two defined types of NetSuite Systems Integrators – one is NetSuite Regional
Systems Integrators, and the other is NetSuite Global Systems Integrators. The difference
between the two is found in their names: the Regional Systems Integrators are focused on
integrating NetSuite into businesses in a particular region, whereas the Global Systems
Integrators are focused on integrating the Netsuite systems into businesses on a fully global
scale. Both of these options exist so that you can find the closest integrator to you no matter
where you’re located.

RXD is officially a NetSuite Regional Systems Integrator, as shown on the official
NetSuite Alliance Partner Program website: https://www.netsuite.com/portal/partners/alliance-
partner-program.shtml But that said, if you are looking for NetSuite Global Systems Integrators
RXD can still help. Not only is the world smaller, with virtual training and meetings possible, but
RXD is in fact located in Los Angeles, London, and Dubai. RXD will help you integrate the
NetSuite in a friendly and affordable manner. RXD has helped businesses achieve financial
success in many areas, regardless of how big or small the client’s company was.

But what is NetSuite? According to NetSuite.com, “With NetSuite, you can rapidly grow
your client base and increase revenue with current customers by enabling them to automate
business management processes, reduce IT cost and maintenance, make better decisions, and
improve collaboration”. Knowing this, integrating NetSuite into any business is a great idea – but
this can often be difficult if it’s your first time. Enter NetSuite Systems Integrators: the best
solution to setting up and integrating the NetSuite systems into your business.
If you choose to integrate NetSuite into your business, RXD will help you a great deal,
especially when seeing the success of companies that have chosen RXD in the past. From
Wipro to HCL technologies, RXD is known as a trusted NetSuite Systems Integrator.

Visit our website https://rxdsystems.local/ to learn more about how RXD can help
companies around the world start Integrating NetSuite today.

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