NetSuite integrations with Salesforce: How successful are they?

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NetSuite Integrations: So, your business is growing and doing well – and the main part of the action in terms of sales, is handled by Salesforce. You are happy with the performance, but can’t help thinking a platform with greater capabilities, like an ERP, might make life easier.

The good news is that you are right. And the better news is that you can literally integrate your Salesforce CRM, to cooperate with an Oracle NetSuite platform. SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are increasing in popularity – and for good reason. Businesses no longer need to invest in hefty servers and teams of I.T professionals to keep data secure and tracked. The cloud-based systems like NetSuite, provide a secure and reliable service that can be utilized by multi-nationals and SME’s alike.

Salesforce services

Like NetSuite, Salesforce has had a huge impact on the business world. As a result, linking to two platforms to produce a coherent and efficient business system, is now something many companies decide to do. Since both Salesforce and NetSuite are leading cloud platforms, and Salesforce is a leading CRM system, it has been an affordable solution for smaller businesses – especially those that function mainly online.

If your business is already running well with Salesforce, combining it with the additional capabilities of NetSuite will be a good move. It’s less disruptive than having a complete platform overhaul, seems much more doable to many businesses. This is a logical step to

NetSuite and Salesforce working together

The benefits of having a platform like Oracle NetSuite plugged into your Salesforce software, are numerous. For a start, your CRM will now have full, ERP capability. That means you’ll have the most advanced SaaS platform managing your business procedures as your company continues to scale.

Sales staff will be able to carry out basic tasks that result in managed connections and reconciled purchases. Shipping details can also be handled. Once the purchase is confirmed, the details are transferred from Salesforce to the Netsuite platform, so that all the NetSuite tools that manage real time stats and reports on proceeding inventories, orders and more.

Benefits of NetSuite

Other benefits to combining salesforce with NetSuite are as follows. NetSuite provides greater capabilities, and as a result, far better customer servicing. Automating post-sale processes saves valuable manpower and resources. NetSuite also provides a clear roadmap from lead generation to final sale. This means businesses are able to create better flowing sales pathways and customer relationships.

After all, the more efficient a service is, the happier the customer and the healthier your business will be. Not only that, but a system like NetSuite reduces to zero, the possibility of mistakes via human error. With the platform fully automated, processes run with speedy efficiency, leaving more time for staff to work on creative marketing ideas and product or service developments.

Here are a few tasks that will become better managed under a NetSuite and Salesforce integration.

Better customer support and communications: Sales teams will have access to real-time data, which in turn provides them with better purchase awareness, invoicing, and more. Not only that, but sales quotes are easier to raise, while aspects such as costing, products, partnerships and more, can be generated.

Better financial clarity: Businesses often operate with a complicated cash flow system. Come annual report time, these are difficult to track. SME’s have limited resources when it comes to compiling such reports. NetSuite enables you to automate those systems and provide real time data on all transactions, invoicing, financials, inventories and more.

Better business efficiency: With NetSuite correctly implemented and managing all those time-consuming, day-to-day business tasks automatcially, your workforce can focus their energies on actually growing the business.

How easy is it to integrate Salesforce with NetSuite?

Well, it’s not a simple task. You will need an expert in Salesforce as well as an experienced NetSuite consultant to advise and implement the integration. It’s not simply a case of plugging in the two systems, as other essential software has to run alongside these platforms.

Furthermore, if you want to make use of NetSuite’s full capabilities (and we would definitely advise that) a NetSuite consultant would need to assess all the mechanisms of your business and then devise the NetSuite implementation from there.

RXD Systems NetSuite integrations

However, at RXD Systems, we are experts at retail management integrations. Therefore have a solid history in integrating different SaaS platforms with Oracle NetSuite. We are also one of the region’s leading NetSuite training facilitators, producing highly skilled NetSuite consultants. So, we manage such integrations all the time. Additionally, we offer support to companies that have had NetSuite implemented, but require additional consulting assistance. For more information, contact us today.


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