NetSuite Marketing: Oracle Bronto is changing the face of business marketing

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NetSuite Marketing Los Angeles: Oracle Bronto is changing the face of business marketing, recent reports suggest. The Oracle NetSuite marketing platform underwent a series of upgrades and earlier this year. The latest features enable marketeers to utilize their time more effectively and produce more relevant data.

Improvements to the system include better visibility and tighter measuring tools to track the success of campaigns and returns on investment. Email delivery has been fine-tuned, and businesses that invested in Oracle Bronto earlier this year, were offered free implementation as an additional boost.

Now results are flooding in, and the verdict is even better than expected. Bronto, users say, is delivering a range of marketing strategies and solutions that are effective and user-friendly. In fact, businesses are considering it a key revenue growth tool that is increasing productivity and creativity.

Vice President of Operations for Oracle Bronto, Justin Cowen, explains; “Marketing is about finding that next percent of growth. It’s about growing revenues, relationships, recommendations and reputations. Nothing beats email marketing as it is the most powerful and profitable marketing channel available today.”

He also believes that the recent upgrades to Oracle Bronto have enabled marketeers to increase their effectiveness as well as their connection to their customers. The Bronto platform can be fully integrated with a number of ecommerce solutions, making it flexible and effective.

NetSuite Marketing Solutions

Indeed, the system is the result of over 15 years’ worth of research and marketing resources, thus making it incredibly accurate and effective in terms of data collection, collation and report generation.

Several factors have been considered in the development of the Oracle Bronto system, which is an essential tool for NetSuite marketeers. New features include Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Oracle Analytics Could is another essential aspect.

Optimizing email marketing efficiency has been a big part of the Oracle Bronto upgrade. In fact, Gmail Annotations are now part of the system, providing essential markers on tools that increase email effectiveness.

Keyword and revenue tracing through various platforms, additional SMS aspects such as order-enabled messaging have improved the client/customer relationship.  NetSuite and Oracle Bronto streamline customer engagement.

What is Oracle Bronto?

The Oracle Bronto platform is a cloud-based marketing solution that has been acquired by Oracle. Bronto is compatible with a range of integrations. Oracle Bronto works with Google, Magento, MarketLive, Demandware and more. Furthermore, the software solution enables marketeers to combine their campaigns from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and email.

Oracle Bronto increases business growth at an accelerated rate. This is due to the streamlining of business procedures. It’s also a result of the access to real-time data in key areas and new efficiency businesses experience, after adopting the NetSuite solution.

Oracle Netsuite business solutions

Oracel NetSuite is the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Management platform. An SaaS solution, it allows SME’s to harness the resources usually only available to large corporations.

NetSuite enables businesses to scale and embrace change, through a range of online applications that manage financials, ordering, taxation, marketing, resource management and more.

RXD Systems leads the way in NetSuite consultancy in the Los Angeles area. For more information on our business solutions, contact us today.

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