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CRM experts: Managing a CRM well, takes time and expertise. However, once your processes are all in place, marketing and communications with your customers and database, will all become much more efficient. A CRM (Customer Relations Management system) is an essential part of any enterprise of scale – be it B2B or consumer based.

Check out our top five marketing tips to managing your CRM system effectively.


  • Work closely with your sales team

Sales and marketing at opposite sides of the same coin. Your two departments should always have open communication and discussion about which marketing strategies you are employing. Make sure your sales team agrees these strategies will lead to effective conversion rates. Their input is invaluable. You also need to keep a clos eye on your sales and marketing metrics. Watching the trends over time will help you understand your customer needs – and how to leverage them.

NetSuite sales and marketing tools enable you to collect real time data and view annual, quarterly and bi-annual data at the touch of a button. When you use the right tools, you can easily understand the information being gathered – and then utilize it effectively.


  • Study your social media data

You are gathering marketing information all the time via your CRM. But the insights you gain from social media are also invaluable. Make sure you analyze the trends on these platforms, and input the information into your CRM. As a result, you have a bigger pool of data to draw from. The more data you have, the better more accurate your marketing solutions will become.


  • Know your customers

If you don’t know your customers and their requirements – how are you going market to them effectively? As well as using social media data, look at trends on Google. Be strategic with your resources. Consider restructuring your team to maximize your content marketing potential. Another way to streamline the email marketing process is with dynamic content creation. Simply build one template and utilize dynamic content to customize each email to ensure a personal experience.


  • Integrate your CRM

One of the benefits of having a fully integrated ERP (enterprise resource management system) is that your CRM can communicate effectively with all areas of your business. A CRM should also be fully plugged in to your sales, orders, marketing, inventories, advertising, and financial processes. That way, a much broader picture of your customer requirements and services is available. NetSuite CRM is designed to gather all relevant information and convert it into easy to use data in real time, so that businesses can instantly access vital information that will assist in scaling operations.

Furthermore, NetSuite also offers a brand-new service called The Brainyard – which is essentially a giant database of information. It provides businesses with vital industry information that can further assist their practices.

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At RXD Systems, we manage entire, large scale business integrations for NetSuite Oracle ERP. But we also provide a range of support services . Our CRM experts are happy to assist you on all your projects. If you’d like to find out more about NetSuite and how it can help you scale your company, call us today. Our expert, fully certified NetSuite consultants can guide you through the process and let you know which services and NetSuite integrations would best suit your business.


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