NetSuite integration with Shopify: Three solutions

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NetSuite integration with Shopify: NetSuite and Shopify both provide ERP capability. But did you know that a correct integration of NetSuite with Shopify and Shopify plus, can help streamline your business?

The biggest benefit of working with a system like NetSuite is the efficiency your business achieves. Efficiency leads to a faster workflow, which saves time – which in turn, saves money and can maximize your profits. But if you are operating with two or even three different systems that are not properly integrated, you won’t be maximising your efficiency levels.

Netsuite integration with Shopify

Both NetSuite and Shopify have their own systems when it comes to procedure management. But did you know that both systems can be automated? Aspects including financial data, inventory updates, pricing and more, eliminate the need for time consuming, expensive and inefficient, manual data entry.  This reliance on manual labour leads to a slower process, confusion and inaccurate data results.

Automation results in far more efficient, real time reports and results. It also frees up your staff to work on more creative and dynamic tasks that require human creativity. When integration saves your time and money, you can focus on what really matters – your customers.

Customer experience

Ultimately, convenience for the customer is the element that will drive your business towards success. Speed in delivery, good communication, swift resolution of refunds and more, all contribute to the success of retail businesses. This is exactly why Amazon has cornered the market in terms of online sales. It’s easy, fast and efficient. Shoppers hardly need to think about how they will get their purchase.

When your system isn’t correctly configured, you will encounter complications. For example, an incorrect shipping address and a late delivery could lose you a valuable customer to a competitor. If a customer likes your services, they will return to your business again and again. If your delivery and services don’t run smoothly for them, they will vote with their feet and take their custom elsewhere.

Ultimately, NetSuite integration with Shopify solves this problem and running these two platforms properly is a win for your business strategy.

Your customers will show their appreciation by buying from you again and again. Integration is a win-win situation for everyone.

How easy is it to integrate NetSuite and Shopify?

Your NetSuite consultant should be well- versed in the art of integrations. Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce tools for retailors, so it stands to reason that an ERP as flexible as NetSuite can be seamlessly integrated with it. The right team can manage the integration without the need for coding.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a simple task to be undertaken lightly. Differently configured data flows between these two systems. That means automating the data flow requires an experienced consultant to handle the integration correctly. It’s a challenging task.

Furthermore, a badly managed integration can be disastrous.

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