NetSuite ERP Implementation: Four best practice principles

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NetSuite ERP Implementation Los Angeles: ERP – enterprise resource planning is an essential part of any successful business. But implementing a solution for your company is a major step. Putting in place an ERP system that manages all your business procedures with ease and efficiency, takes time and specialist knowledge. It’s a very big undertaking. However, the process doesn’t have to be difficult. If best practices are observed, your company move to a fully integrated ERP can go to plan with ease.

Have realistic expectations for the ERP implementation process

A fully integrated ERP system is one that automates and monitors all your business processes. From sales and invoicing, to supply chains, distribution and buying, payroll, taxation and financial forecasts, as well as your CRM. This is not going to be a quick task. In fact, it’s going to take a while to create the kind of system that ensures your business runs like a well-oiled machine. Be realistic about this. Recognise that it takes time to ensure this ERP system is implemented in the most beneficial of ways. The average NetSuite full implementation, for example, takes three months. However, once that period is over, your business will run more efficiently than it’s ever done before. You will be able to scale your operations to maximum potential. You will find growth in global markets much more accessible.

NetSuite ERP Implementation experts

NetSuite consultants implement NetSuite ERPs all the time. However, each consultant will be expert in certain industries. For example, a retail business operates differently from a logistics company. So, NetSuite’s use in both those situations differs dramatically. The system is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to suit all business needs. But a poorly implemented ERP can cause problems. So, make sure the implementation team are also experts on your industry requirements, and have managed projects like yours successfully in the past.

Select the best ERP for your business

Did you know that 70% of businesses using an ERP, are using an outdated version? This is because businesses dread the potential disruption a new ERP system being implemented, will cause them. Usually it requires new software being installed and hardware being upgraded to cope with the new system. The great thing about NetSuite is the fact that it’s cloud based, and subscribed to, so you always have experts on had post implementation, to manage any potential problems with the system.

Some companies also have two to three ERP systems working together, which can create compatibility issues. As a result their systems are difficult to update. Because every time you update one ERP, you risk non compatibility and further upgrades with your other systems. As a result, companies tend to stich with outdated systems they don’t work as well as they could do.

The beauty of a full NetSuite integration is the ease at which you can update it and apply it to any part of your business process. You can also update it and keep all your custom features.

Consider your staffing during implementation

Before you consider booking an implementation, consider your staffing levels. How they will manage the changes and the training on the system throughout the implementation project?

Training needs to be factored in as every single staff member must be familiar with the ERP and its operations, so that it is used and understood, correctly. Form an ERP implemetation team, with a strong leader, to manage the changeover process.

NetSuite ERP Los Angeles: At RXD Systems, we manage full implementation of NetSuite Oracle. We also train NetSuite consultants and provide support services to companies requiring additional ERP support. If you are looking for more information on NetSuite ERP, contact us today here.

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