NetSuite Oracle implementation boosts charity

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RXD NETSUITE LOS ANGELES: NetSuite Oracle helps charity fight child hunger. While the benefits of applying NetSuite to businesses are now well established, we can reveal that the leading cloud-based ERP has now helped a major charity to improve its operations.

MANA Nutrition is a non-profit organization that produces food packages that can be used in disaster zones. Classified as therapeutic, ready-to-use food, the company sends supplies to war zones and areas afflicted by natural disasters, to help struggling communities.

The company’s mission is dedicated to fighting starvation and malnutrition on a global scale. Now, MANA has implemented NetSuite Oracle to help manage the company procedures. As a result, directors have been more able to focus on managing their humanitarian operations more efficiently.

NetSuite Oracle charity support

MANA reports a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, an increase in supply chains and far greater operations efficiency since the cloud-based ERP was implemented. This means valuable resources have been re-directed towards ensuring even more production of their essential, life-saving products.

NetSuite Oracle is now an integral part of the MANA operation, which produces enough emergency meals to treat more than 3,500 children a week in famine devastated areas. Children with severe, acute malnutrition account for three million lives being lost every year in third world countries.

By making the charity’s operation far more organized, MANA has been able to scale their operations significantly. The direct result is that more lives have been saved. A spokesperson for MANA explained that the charity required a unified business platform. “We needed something that could automate manufacturing processes, improve supply chain efficiency and increase visibility into financial data,” he said, adding that to realize these achievements MANA chose NetSuite to support that development.

This proves that NetSuite Oracle is not just a platform suited to businesses. NetSuite Oracle can play an integral part in the re-organizational running many different organizations.

The flexibility of the NetSuite platform means it can be tailored to suit almost any type of operation with procedural processes. An experience NetSuite consultant can implement the system, which leads to a transformation in terms of the functionality of that business, charity or organization.

NetSuite implementation boosts charity

Chris Whitfield, CFO of MANA Nutrition, said that implementing the NetSuite ERP system had transformed the charity’s operational costs and production. He explained, “NetSuite has been great. It continues to give us ever increasing levels of visibility into our operations and enabled us to dramatically and consistently reduce costs by driving efficiencies across our organization. This has helped us demonstrate our impact to benefactors and allowed us to reallocate funds to create more food and save more lives.”

He added; “Our mission is simple, we’re here to help end malnutrition for children around the world. We are on a never-ending quest to find a better way and are guided by the mindset of ‘if it’s good, let’s make it great.”

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