NetSuite Los Angeles: Five questions to ask your NetSuite Consultant

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NETSUITE LOS ANGELES: Hiring a NetSuite Consultant in the Los Angeles area to implement NetSuite for your company is a big decision. NetSuite can indeed transform the way your business operates. It can also help to scale your business for growth. Furthermore, stats show that successful use of NetSuite can result in excellent returns in terms of business efficiency, cost cutting and expansion. However, the internet is a very big place. It’s important you select the NetSuite consultant best suited to your area of expertise. Not all NetSuite consultants are made equal. So read on for five essential questions you need to ask before you contract out your NetSuite implementation.


  • Ask for a NetSuite Consultant portfolio


It’s perfectly reasonable to request previous examples of NetSuite implementations your proposed contractor has carried out. Think of it as a job pitch – or a request for references. Chances are, the consultant you are considering is more than qualified to handle your implementation. But, there’s nothing wrong with making sure their previous work fits the bill, in terms of your own company’s requirements. Furthermore, each NetSuite implementation is different. So it’s better to make sure the company you hire has the right qualifications for the job.


  • NetSuite Consultant industry experience


As above, make sure the consultant you hire has worked on projects that are in your particular industry. It’s no good presuming that because they’ve done an implementation for a major health care provider, that they will be as successful working with a restaurant chain, or in the retail sector. Each industry requires a specific set of skills and knowledge.


  • What’s the NetSuite implementation time-frame?


Essentially, you need to know exactly how long the NetSuite implementation is going to take – because time is money. Furthermore, if there is any down-time required for some of your departments while the system is being set up, that could seriously impact on your business work-flow and productivity rate. Make sure you discuss exactly how long your company’s particular NetSuite implementation is going to take, from start to finish.


  • What kind of customization options do you provide?


Each and every type of company has its own way of running certain procedures. One of the benefits of using NetSuite is that the platform is entirely customizable. Problems occur when you try to apply an out-of-the-box solution to a company that follows its own set of practices. Bear in mind the most companies need to run their ERP according to their own system – and not try to fit their practices into something that is preset. ScriptSuite is one of the options available to companies as part of the NetSuite platform. Make sure this option is available to you.


  • Do you provide NetSuite usage staff training?


If you do decide to go ahead with your particular NetSuite provider, make sure your staff are trained correctly in the use of the system. NetSuite can produce dramatically good results when it is implemented correctly, efficiently and to capacity. However, if staff are not aware of the ways in which NetSuite can improve their procedures, you won’t get the results you’re hoping for.


Ultimately, it’s very important to do your homework diligently before you commit to an implementation of  NetSuite. RXD Systems consultants specialize in a range of industries. We also provide support to companies that have had a less-than-satisfactory experience with the NetSuite system from their previous contractors. Contact us today for a full assessment of your NetSuite requirements.



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