Subscription business experiences 50% growth: NetSuite

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Subscription business experiences 50% growth: NetSuite: Efficient business management is a key element in business growth. Now, a UK-based pet-supply company demonstrates how scaling the business using NetSuite, has transformed a family concern into one of the UK’s biggest online pet shops. is a subscription business that has experienced a 50% annual growth trend after implementing NetSuite. The company diversified its services and expanded internationally. They then reportedly developed subscription models in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Norway, and France.

NetSuite Business Management

Company founders, Adam, and Lexi Taylor started the business from their kitchen table in 2009. Initially, the company was called Bottomless Bowl. It catered to pet owners and was the first online and subscription pet food service ever launched.

Since the introduction of NetSuite, the business has expanded at a rate of 50% per year. This resulted in becoming one of the largest and fastest growing companies of its kind in the UK. The online services now sell a range of more than 10,000 items. PetShop now requires stocks of more than $650,000. The company has also recently been awarded an incentive grant of £520,000. Furthermore, they also have plans for continued expansion.

NetSuite business support

Adam Taylor, the CEO,, says; “In 2010, as we started to scale, we set out to find business software that would support our entrepreneurial spirit and allow us to focus on our growth,”

He adds; “As we have grown, NetSuite has always helped us punch above our weight and stay true to our promise of saving customers’ time when buying pet food and supplies. What I really like though is that NetSuite frees up enough of my time so that I can still personally write all of our customer communications. Being able to focus on delivering such a personal service is so important to us.” has implemented NetSuite services across the board. The ERP maximizes efficiencies in marketing, data management, supply and buying, financial control and more. Furthermore, as these processes have become more streamlined and less time consuming, data is more accurately recorded. It is also automatically assessed in real-time. As a result, the business has been much faster to scale.

According to recent forecasts, the future is bright for this particular enterprise. Subscription-based services will be a market worth well over $1 billion by 2023.

NetSuite ERP cloud platform

Nicky Tozer, VP of EMEA, Oracle NetSuite, remarked on the success of, saying; “Like many of our high-growth customers, has achieved remarkable success by offering a new customer experience in a traditional market.”

He added; “We have provided a business platform that can scale with it, giving the company real-time visibility and control even as it expands across international markets. By implementing NetSuite, has been able to react quickly to new business opportunities, while maintaining the personal aspect of customer service for which it has become known.”

Subscription services and Netsuite

NetSuite is the world’s leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. An entirely cloud-based platform, it allows businesses to manage their data from all departments, in real time. At every step of the business model, there is a NetSuite solution to streamline that process.
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