Retail and B2C eCommerce business decisions are made easier with technology that integrates everything from inventory and customer service to invoicing.


We know best practice from planning through to merchandising, warehousing through to distribution, store operations through to loss prevention.  Hardlines to softlines, grocery to fashion and everything in between. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We know how the retail business works, what it’s pain-points are and how small, fast growing retailers struggle to move from a store-focus to a central, HQ focus.

We’ve integrated stores to websites down to 3PLs and back again.  We’ve worked with factories in Shenzhen, shippers, freight forwarders, customs and carriers.  We know the difference between drayage and haulage, between a steamship and a container. We know how to actualize landed cost accurately.   We know what works and how your business SHOULD operate.

Take heart, aspiring retailer.  The challenge of perpetual inventory (“how much of item X do I have, what locations is it in and what is it worth”) is common to all retailers.  Even the big guys see Stock on Hand reports showing negative inventory.

And consider this: every single billion dollar plus retailer has a photo in their headquarters proudly showing the very first store they opened.

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Find out how your operation could benefit from our proven experience and dedication towards driving positive change. We work closely with you and believe that operations and system enhancement should be a collaborative process between your teams and our consultants. From implementation through to support we assist you through the full cycle.

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