Four ways NetSuite grows your business

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Four ways NetSuite grows your business: Today’s business market is more competitive than ever before. Businesses aren’t just competing against local and regional providers, but global competitors too. Now, more than ever before, its essential that business practices and processes are fast, streamlined and efficient.

There are several ERP systems available, but none with the efficiency and reputation of NetSuite Oracle. This fully customizable system integrates perfectly with medium to large enterprise operations. Companies become more efficient. Valuable data is assessed and accessible. Sales systems, invoicing, book keeping, accounting, CRMs, inventories and more, can all be managed, organics and tracked through the NetSuite automated platform.

NetSuite offers simplicity and clarity

One of the biggest pitfalls growing businesses encounter is the endless paper trail of data and information that requires constant analysis. When your business is in the process of expansion, it’s important to ensure figures such as business resources, revenue costs and company insights are streamlined and organized. When NetSuite is well integrated with your business requirements, every piece of data that you require to make assessments and decisions, is fully available to you in an up-to-the-latest-transaction format.

NetSuite saves time and resources

Old-school company management style dictates that certain departments take responsibility for certain business processes and practices. Not only is this system archaic, but it takes valuable time and its open to human error and inefficiency. Depending on the reliability of each department can result in essential information being lost or poorly recorded. An automated system such as NetSuite ensures no details are ever lost in transit or translation. No report is left unfiled. All data is stored and organized according to your company’s requirements. That data is then fully available once the annual report meeting comes around.

The NetSuite platform provides flexibility

Whatever your company or business model, NetSuite can be customized to suit the purpose. From scaling your business from pre-revenue to IPO and then expansion. Not only that, but if you decide to restructure, NetSuite can also be modified to assist in the process and ensure the changes are efficiently implemented. The benefits of having a single, unified, automated, cloud-based system have never been more obvious. From sales and marketing, to financials and accounting, inventory managements, omnichannel commerce and sourcing, customer support and warehousing, NetSuite ensures your company runs smoothly and efficiently at every level.

NetSuite adapts to your business

Like any cloud-based platform, NetSuite is subject to upgrades and improvements. But Oracle ensures a smooth transition occurs with every customization and configuration. Real-time analytics means users know what they should be doing and how they’re helping the business, with vital business data displayed from right within the system.

NetSuite experts for your business

However, while NetSuite is supremely efficient, and can be migrated to seamlessly from other ERP platforms, it’s important that your implementation team understands the complexity of the NetSuite and how it will best suit your business. At RXD Systems, we work with a lot of companies that have had poor ERP implementations in the past, and now require critical support when the system fails to deliver. It costs them time and money when their ERP simply doesn’t function as it should. Common risks include communication failure with essential business process owners, lack of planning in the initial stages of implementation and company executives over ruling the judgement of the Netsuite consultant when it comes to implementing system structures.

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